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Trump says he will not give up his candidacy even if convicted

The former president has declared himself a victim of the "old Soviet process" of accusing him of crimes in order to remove him from the presidential race.

Momento de la entrevista entre Donald Trump y Tucker Carlson.

(Captura de Fox)

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Donald Trump announced that he would not give up his 2024 White House bid even if he were convicted. The former president denounced how he has been made a victim of the "old Soviet process," by being accused of crimes in order to prevent him from running in the next presidential election.

"I’d never drop, it’s not my thing"

In an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox, the host asked him if "Is there anything they could throw at you legally that would convince you to drop out of the race? If you get convicted in this case in New York, would you drop out?" Trump assured that "No, I’d never drop — it’s not my thing. I wouldn’t do it."

The former president considers that these accusations are directly aimed at keeping him out of the presidential campaign, but he assured that they will not succeed. "It's the old Soviet process," he noted, to Carlson's comment pointing out that Democrats are "tying you up in lawsuits and charging you with crimes"

Trump noted that he is within his legal right to move forward, even if he were to be convicted. "It’s so off the statute of limitations, years off, it’s hard to believe. You know, usually when you have something like this, the Democrats say he’s terribly guilty. The Democrats have even said, I’m innocent."