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California: Newsom proposes defunding public safety agencies to address the state's massive deficit

The governor of The Golden State wants to cut $97 million in trial court operations and more than $80 million from the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Gavin Newsom

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California Governor Gavin Newsom proposed cutting budgets for public safety agencies (prisons and law enforcement), due in part to the massive deficit facing the state (more than $27 billion).

The Democrat's proposed California budget indicates that "difficult decisions" are necessary to address the deficit. These measures include these cuts:

- $97 million from first-time judicial operations.

- $10 million from the Law Enforcement Division of the Department of Justice.

- More than $80 million from the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Newsom - California 2024 by Veronica Silveri

A spokesperson for Newsom told Fox that "no cuts to law enforcement" were made. However, "

an official from the Department of Finance acknowledged a 1.6% reduction in the state's Department of Justice's overall proposed budget."

Cuts to public safety

According to information revealed by Fox: "The $80 million cut from the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is intended to eliminate 4,600 beds across 13 prisons. The governor's office said the elimination of beds is ‘population-driven.’ Newsom also proposed slashing law enforcement training and cutting $4.4 million from county probation departments."

The deputy director of foreign affairs for the state Department of Finance, H.D. Palmer, told the media that in addition to this, the state Legislature has until June 15 to make a decision regarding the budget, which would come into effect in July. Meanwhile, some lawmakers continue to push for the Justice Department's $15 million decrease:

These proposed reductions are unallocated reductions, meaning that it would be up to the department as to how they would be implemented.