Donald Trump in Michigan: "Give me four more years and I will give you the end to this horrible globalism"

The former president asked union members to join an "ultimate strike" against far-left policies.

One more time Donald Trump did not attend the second debate of the 2024 Republican primary and instead traveled to Michigan to visit members of the United Automobile Workers (UAW) Union and from there he invited voters to end the “horrible globalism” of the “ultra-left” that is “killing” the country.

The Republican candidate explained in his speech that his intention is to protect the American workforce and not the foreign one. “I will be your protector, I will be your advocate, and I will be your greatest champion – the greatest champion that you’ve ever had!" said the former president, highlighting that he will raise wages and strengthen the automobile industry.

Trump assured that if he is re-elected his administration will allow gasoline engines and insisted that the Biden Administration has only undermined the traditional automotive industry with its changes towards electric vehicles.

“Biden's mandate [on electric vehicles] is not a government regulation. It is a government assassination of your jobs and your industry,” he said.

The former president also took the opportunity to invite UAW union members to join what he called the “ultimate strike” this time, against “the globalist class.”

“Give me four more years and I will give you the end to this horrible globalism that is killing our country,” he said, adding that, instead of economic nationalism, what there is currently in the country is “ultra-left globalism.”

Trump directly criticized Biden for saying he is a union president when “his entire career has been an act of economic treason and union destruction.”

“He's destroyed unions, shipping millions of American jobs overseas, while personally taking money from foreign nations hand over fist,” he said.

It should be remembered that the former president's visit to Michigan occurred just one day after Joe Biden visited the striking auto workers.