Demonstration by Afghan immigrants causes chaos in Paris

At least four people were arrested for the incident. French leaders condemned the events.

Several French leaders condemned an Afghan demonstration that caused a fire and generated chaos in the streets of Paris. The event occurred after a march was registered in tribute to the victims of the fire on April 7, 2024 on Rue de Charonne. Per Le Parisien, the resident of the apartment where the fire occurred is believed to have shot two of his visitors, including a fellow Afghan, before starting the fire to erase evidence of the homicide.

"On Saturday, April 20, a demonstration was held in honor of the victims of the fire of April 7, 2024 on Rue de Charonne, from the Charonne metro station. At the time of the dispersion, around 5:30 p.m., of the 200 participants on Charonne Street, some protesters who had remained there went on a wild march, which was quickly blocked by police," Paris police explained on X.

The situation generated reactions within France's political leadership. Marion Maréchal, candidate in the European elections for the Reconquête party, criticized the media for, in her opinion, not covering the violent events. She maintained that what happened was that the Afghan protesters sowed "chaos" in the streets.

'Our main commitment will be to restore order in France'

Similar was the reaction of MEP Jordan Bardella, who criticized what he described as "impunity" in the city. "Afghan demonstration that degenerated into riots in Paris: I am tired of the fact that our country has become the doormat of the world, the country where we can do anything with total impunity. Our main commitment will be to restore order in France," said Bardella on X.

Police explained that four people were arrested in connection with the incident and noted that there was damage to street furniture on the corner of Rue de Charonne and Boulevard Voltaire.

Images of the violent action were posted on social media, in which protesters are seen causing destruction in the city. Several of the videos of the demonstration were published by the Police Officers and Commissioners union.