CES 2024: Companies showcase their latest technological advances in Las Vegas

This Friday, the 2024 edition of one of the most important international consumer electronics fairs in the world comes to an end.

For four days, the world's biggest technology brands displayed their latest products at the 2024 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), one of the most important international consumer electronics fairs in the world. This Friday, the show, held in Las Vegas, comes to a close.

The event not only served for companies to show off their latest products. The attending public was also able to enjoy several conferences headed by leaders of the technology industry. Additionally, companies took used the CES to find new partners to explore new ways to expand their business and new avenues to improve their products.

At CES 2024, in addition to showing new products such as televisions and cell phones, which are launches more typically associated with this type of event, companies from other fields such as medicine, robotics, education and transportation were all present. In total, there were 41 different categories, with the presence of artificial intelligence. For example, Microsoft exhibited its Copilot assistant.

Before CES 2024 began, the organization predicted that more than 130,000 people would come to Las Vegas to see the latest developments. In the absence of official data, it is foreseeable that it has met its expectations. It was also reported that more than 4,000 companies from roughly 150 countries around the world would attend the exhibition, as well as around 1,200 startups.

Below are videos of some of the technological innovations that were presented at this edition of the CES.

The CES organization has already scheduled the dates for its next two shows. In 2025, it will be held from Jan. 7-10, while in 2026, it will be held from Jan. 6-9.