California sues school district for notifying parents that their children want to change gender

The state attorney general has accused it of violating the constitutional rights of trans children, and endangering "the physical, mental and emotional well-being of students."

California Attorney General Rob Bonta has sued a southern school district over its new policies requiring schools to inform parents if their children request to be treated as the opposite sex to their own. Bonta is calling on the courts to block the provision immediately, as it will forcibly out transgender students and threaten their well-being.

California finds measure discriminates against trans children

The Chino Valley Unified School District established in July, that the centers are obligated to inform parents within three days, if their children request that pronouns other than those of their biological sex be used, also, if they choose to use the toilets or participate in competitions of the opposite sex. Both the president and district board members stressed that parents have the right to know the decisions that their children make in school.

However, California's attorney general argues that this measure violates the state's constitutional right to privacy (both in terms of their autonomy and that of the information about themselves they wish to provide) of individuals. In addition, he considers that it violates the anti-discrimination protections established in the California Education and Government Code, as well as the state's Equal Protection Clause.

Every student has the right to learn and thrive in a school environment that promotes safety, privacy, and inclusivity – regardless of their gender identity. We’re in court challenging Chino Valley Unified’s forced outing policy for wrongfully and unconstitutionally discriminating against and violating the privacy rights of LGBTQ+ students. The forced outing policy wrongfully endangers the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of non-conforming students who lack an accepting environment in the classroom and at home. Our message to Chino Valley Unified and all school districts in California is loud and clear: We will never stop fighting for the civil rights of LGBTQ+ students..

"Imminent and irreparable harm" to children

Likewise, Bonta denounces that "the Board’s policy has already placed transgender and gender-nonconforming students in danger of imminent and irreparable harm from the consequences of forced disclosures." For the attorney general, "the Board’s policy thus unlawfully discriminates against transgender and gender nonbinary students, subjecting them to disparate treatment and harassment, including mental, emotional, and even physical abuse."

 These students are currently under threat of being outed to their parents against their will, and many fear that the District’s policy will force them to make a choice: either “walk back” their constitutionally and statutorily protected rights to gender identity and gender expression, or face the risk of emotional, physical, and psychological harm.

Parents defend school district measure

The attorney general's decision clashes head-on with the opinion of school district parents , who ardently applauded the board's initiative when it passed.