Biden's approval rating plummets to lowest point of his term

More than half of all voters disapprove of his performance as president. A large majority (74%) believe Biden does not have the "necessary mental and physical health" to serve a second term.

President Joe Biden's disapproval rating reached a new high. Fifty-six percent of voters disapprove of his performance as the country's leader, according to a new NBC News poll, the highest since he entered the White House.

Among the groups that reflected the most dissatisfaction with the president's work are: young people between 18 and 24 years old (54% disapproval); women (54%); Latinos (57%) and independent voters (64%).

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Biden's health concerns

The president's approval rating is also at a new low (only 39% view him favorably). Biden's age, along with signs of confusion and repeated lapses in public, are the main obstacles he faces ahead of the 2024 elections.

The survey revealed that almost three-quarters of voters (74%) said they were "concerned" about Biden's health. They fear the current president does not have the "necessary mental and physical health" to serve a second term.

In matters related to his work as leader of the country, the president has failed in his management of the economy; 63% of voters disapprove of Biden's policies in this regard. Additionally, 59% of Democratic voters are calling for another candidate to challenge Biden in their party's primary.

Trump over Biden

The conclusions of the NBC survey are reflected in another poll by the Washington Post and ABC that projected a nine-point victory for former President Donald Trump over Biden in the 2024 general election. The results highlighted how the current president's management of the economy and immigration have failed to convince independents and undecided voters.

Trump's momentum is growing at the same rate as Biden's decreases. According to the survey, Trump had 38% approval when he left the White House, but his current approval is at 42%.

This projection is so far the greatest advantage that the Republican candidate has obtained in the electoral forecasts.

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