Biden laughs off bribery allegations: "Where's the money?"

A reporter asked the president to comment on the FBI document that implicates him in an international bribery scandal.

As Republicans express concern over the FBI document implicating Joe Biden in a bribery scheme, the president has laughed off the allegations and called them  "malarkey."

This Thursday, the House Oversight Committee finally received a document from the FBI which shows that Biden allegedly accepted a $5 million bribe to fire a prosecutor investigating the Ukrainian gas company, Burisma.

After members of Congress reviewed the document, they highlighted that there was irrefutable evidence and even stressed that the president should be indicted and prosecuted. However, Joe Biden did not take the accusations as seriously as the Republicans. In fact, he even made a joke about the bribery scandal in which he is involved.

During a press conference at the White House, the president was asked about claims that the file had significant evidence linking him to the bribery scheme, to which Biden responded with a question while laughing, "Where's the money?" He immediately added that he was joking and said it was all "a bunch of malarkey."

In the meantime, representatives who were able to review the document are scrambling to have the secret FBI document released to the American public.

"The American people and media deserve to see the evidence. We should follow the facts," opined South Carolina Republican Representative Nancy Mace, asserting that the allegations in the document are "worse than has been reported so far" and that the evidence is "damning."