Argentine drug traffickers murder a man in Rosario and leave a threat against the president-elect: "If Milei wins there will be more deaths"

The identity of the victim is still unknown. The man was shot twice and thrown from a car.

A young man was murdered in Rosario, Argentina, on Sunday night, minutes before the official results of the presidential runoff were revealed. The police found a disturbing message that threatened more violence if Javier Milei was the winner next to the body.

According to local reports, the young man (not yet identified) was forced to get out of a vehicle and then was shot twice. Among the deceased’s clothes was a note from alleged drug traffickers with the threat: “If Milei wins, there will be more deaths. A word to the wise.”

Shortly after the crime, authorities announced the seizure of a burned Peugeot car that is presumed to be connected to the events after some residents of the area stated that they saw several suspects escape from the scene on a bicycle, motorcycle and in a car that could be the one found.

Alejandro Ferlazzo, the prosecutor in charge of the investigation, reported that he has already instructed the Homicide Division of the Criminal Investigation Agency to analyze the security cameras in the area, take testimonies and find other clues that may be useful.

Rosario, a city immersed in violence

Rosario is currently experiencing a wave of violence. Over the course of this year, a total of 232 murders have already been recorded, of which 17 have taken place so far in November. The incidence of shootings and threats also occupies a significant portion of the local news and organized crime could be responsible for the majority of these events.

In March, the famous soccer player Lionel Messi’s own family was victim of the city’s violence, when a supermarket belonging to his father-in-law was shot at more than a dozen times along with a threat that said: “Messi, we are waiting for you. [The mayor, Pablo] Javkin is a drug trafficker; he is not going to take care of you.”