A man convicted in Spain of abusing two women asked for a pardon after changing his gender identity

The aggressor's ex-partners say he never showed signs of having any problems with his biological sex.

A man who was sentenced in Spain to 40 months in prison for abusing two of his ex-girlfriends could avoid jail thanks to a controversial law that allowed him to change his gender identity without even having to undergo any kind of evaluation.

Antonio, as the man who was sentenced for assaulting his ex-partners is identified in the media, asked to change his sex in the Civil Registry, and is now requesting a total pardon claiming that "he is a new person."

The man who was branded by his victims as a "psychopath, manipulative and very intelligent", requested to change his gender identity to female on legal documents and changed his name to Milan. He now hopes the Spanish government will pardon the sentence saying he suffered "trauma" because he did not identify with his biological gender.

"At no time does this person give any indication that he feels this way. He is a homophobic and sexist person," said one of the victims upon learning of Antonio's plans.

The man's ex-girlfriends also expressed concern that the man could succeed. "It's surreal. We don't know who to turn to, who to look for help. Come on, I feel totally helpless. You feel panic. It's not fear, it's panic," she said.

The "Trans Law"

Antonio was able to change his gender identity due to the controversial "Trans Law" promoted by the Pedro Sánchez government and approved in February of this year.

According to article 43 of this legislation, any person over 16 years of Spanish nationality may apply to the Civil Registry to change their gender identity, without needing to submit medical or psychological reports or undergo a medical sex change procedure.