Trans Tiktoker calls to take up arms and threatens those who prevent her from using the women's restroom

"I am threatening people who are threatening us, and me, period."

A TikTok content creator who identifies as a lesbian woman went viral after urging the LGBTQ community to buy guns "to defend themselves" and threatening to retaliate against anyone who tries to stop her from using women's restrooms.

Tara Jay, as she calls herself, publicly challenged anyone in her presence who tries to stop a transgender person from entering women's restrooms. "It will be the last mistake you ever make," she said threateningly.

In the video, she also invited the LGBTQ community to shop, carry guns and learn how to use them because, according to Jay, "the time to act is now."

Tiktoker stands firm in the face of criticism

Some social network users were concerned about the tiktoker's comments and even pointed out that Jay could threaten women's safety. However, in a new video, Jay dismissed the concerns and comments from other users and insisted that her threat was justified and that she stands by her call to arms because the rights of trans people are violated.

"I am threatening people who are threatening us, and me, period," she said, adding that she will continue to use the bathroom she deems appropriate. "Restrooms are public. If I go in there, and you feel like I am such a threat to you, you can f---ing leave. … Take your kid and go," Jay ranted.

Jay's videos were recorded after a transgender person attacked a Nashville Christian school on March 27, killing six people. After that, movements of radical trans activist groups emerged, justifying the shooting with phrases such as: "Hate has its consequences" and inciting protests to stop the "trans genocide."