The Republican reaction to the latest subpoena of Donald Trump

Kevin McCarthy, Ted Cruz, Steve Scalise and many others responded to the news released by the Republican candidate.

Donald Trump will be indicted again. The former president received confirmation Sunday from the Justice Department regarding the investigation into the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. The current presidential candidate expressed himself, first on social networks and then was followed by other Republicans who reacted to the situation and took aim at Merrick Garland.

“The unhinged Jack Smith, Joe Biden’s Justice Department prosecutor sent a letter (again, it was Sunday night!) indicating that I am a target of the January 6 Grand Jury investigation, and giving me a very short four-day deadline to inform the grand jury, which almost always means an arrest and indictment,” the former president wrote on his Truth Social account.

One of the first Republicans to react was Kevin McCarthy. The House Speaker addressed the issue from Capitol Hill and suggested that the investigation may be related to a fear that Trump will defeat Biden in the next election.

Recently President Trump went up in the polls and was actually surpassing President Biden for reelection. So what do they do now? Weaponize government to go after their No. 1 opponent. This is not equal justice. They treat people differently and they go after their adversaries,” said the Republican, who also added that the former president “has responsibility” for what happened on January 6.

Steve Scalise (R-LA), number two of the Republican leadership in the Lower House, expressed himself along the same lines. “Now you see the Biden administration going after President Trump once again, it begs that question — is there a double standard? Is justice being administered equally?” he said at a press conference.

Another leading Republican weighing in on Trump’s impending impeachment was Ted Cruz (R-TX). Once the news was confirmed, he picked up his phone and posted the following on Twitter, “The continued politicization and weaponization of the Department of Justice has turned our institutions into enforcers for the Biden administration’s partisan priorities. It remains deeply harmful to the rule of law.

If the judicial situation is confirmed, the January 6 case would be added to his judicial loadwhich currently includes classified documents, falsification of financial records and potentially the Fulton County, Georgia case.

In the House of Representatives, Jim Jordan (R-OH) also took aim at the DOJ. “Joe Biden’s DOJ: Attack the Portland Federal Courthouse? No problem. Intimidate #SCOTUS justices to influence a court decision? No big deal. But if you’re President Trump and do nothing wrong? Prosecute. Americans are tired of the double standard!” the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee wrote in a tweet.

Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was not far behind. She defined the charges as “ridiculous,” claimed Smith is weaponizing the DOJ against Trump, and added that the special prosecutor’s career “is filled with mistrials, overturned cases and judicial rebukes. He’s only targeting Republicans because he’s a weak bitch to Democrats.”