SpaceX successfully launches its Starlink satellite aboard reusable Falcon 9

The space launch vessel managed to land back on Earth after sending its payload into orbit.

Private aerospace company SpaceX successfully launched its Starlink satellite into orbit on Wednesday. This will be SpaceX's 19th launch in 2023 from Florida's Atlantic coast. From the Cape Canaveral space station, the Falcon 9 vehicle lifted off and reached speeds of 4,915 miles per hour before ejecting the Starlink satellite it was carrying.

Once the satellite separated from the vessel, it ignited its thrusters to continue in orbit. The Falcon 9 vehicle then began a descent that ended at the landing pad located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean near the Bahamas. The Falcon 9 is a vehicle that can be used in more than one mission. Starlink is a satellite that provides broadband Internet coverage.

The launch and landing were broadcasted on YoTube. The trajectory of the satellite in orbit can also be followed live.