Soros' prosecutors: the Stormy Daniels case, just the latest of his efforts

Alvin Bragg, the prosecutor prosecuting Trump, is one of the leftist tycoon's biggest beneficiaries in the judicial arena.

This is the first time in history that criminal charges have been brought against a U.S. president. A Manhattan court is seeking to prosecute Donald Trump for more than thirty crimes he allegedly committed in connection with the popular Stormy Daniels case. The architect of this prosecution is Manhattan U.S. Attorney Alvin Bragg, famed for his tolerant personality toward criminals and delinquents. He is known as an advocate of reduced sentences and the elimination of bail, among other things. But we are not going to focus on Bragg, but rather the man behind him; the one who backs and finances him. We are referring to George Soros.

The progressive tycoon, born almost 93 years ago in Budapest (Hungary), has a wide network of prosecutors with which to implement his leftist ideology and magnify his influence. According to the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund (LELDF), an organization charged with defending law enforcement officers who are wrongfully accused of committing crimes, Soros has stepped up his efforts to control the judicial arena, even to the point of funding prosecutors in more than thirty states.

"If you're just learning about Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg today, you need to know he's just the tip of the iceberg... The U.S. currently has at least 75 Soros-backed social justice prosecutors—supported through campaign dollars and/or Soros-funded progressive infrastructure groups," LELDF said.

In the judiciary of traditionally conservative states such as Oklahoma, South Dakota, North Dakota, Ohio, Nebraska or Montana, Soros lacks a presence. Instead, its millionaire funding is felt in the coastal states, and much more strongly in the east than in the west.

Soros' major beneficiaries

Alvin Bragg is the fifth major beneficiary of Soros' generosity. As LELDF points out in an infographic, the Manhattan U.S. Attorney in particular has received $1.1 million from the leftist megadonor through his Open Society Foundation financial network.

In first place is Los Angeles County U.S. Attorney George Gascón, who received a donation of $4.7 million from Soros. Following him are Cook County (Illinois) State's Attorney Kim Foxx, who received $2 million; Bexar County (Texas) U.S. Attorney Joe Gonzales, who received $1.5 million; and U.S. Attorney for the 26th District of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) Lawrence S. Krasner, who received $1.3 million.