Woke hunt continues against Scott Adams, who has been left without a publisher

Elon Musk comes to the defense of Dilbert's creator and accuses the media of baiting anti-white, anti-asian racism.

The cartoonist Scott Adams is still suffering the consequences of being canceled by several U.S. media outlets after being accused of being a racist. The situation has reached such a level that, as he assured in a tweet, he lost his literary contract and his agent decided to leave him as well:

My publisher of non-Dilbert Saga books has canceled my next book and my entire catalog. There is still no disagreement on my point of view. My literary agent also cancelled me.

It all started with statements by Dilbert's creator where he claimed that black Americans are a "hate group" after watching a video in which many black citizens denigrated whites:

As it is, the best advice I would give to whites is to stay away from blacks. Stay the hell away. Wherever you go, stay away. Because this is beyond repair. This is beyond repair. So I don't think it makes any sense, as a white citizen of the United States, to keep trying to help black citizens. It does not make sense. There is no longer a rational impulse. So I'm going to stop being useful to black America because it doesn't seem worth it.


Following his statements, all U.S. media outlets and publishers for which the cartoonist worked decided to remove Dilbert from their publications, starting with The Washington Post and USA Today. This was announced by Adams himself on his Twitter profile:

Dilbert has been canceled from all newspapers, websites, calendars and books because I gave advice that everyone agreed with. (My syndication partner canceled me). Dilbert (and more) will only be available on the subscription site http://scottadams.locals.com when it is fixed.

Elon Musk, defender of Adams

Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, Tesla and Space X, came to Scott Adams' defense. He did so by responding to several tweets about the controversy in which he claimed that, in reality, the media is "racist against whites and Asians."

The media are racist. For a long time, the U.S. media was racist against non-whites, now it is racist against whites and Asians. The same happened with elite universities and colleges in the United States. Maybe they can try not to be racist.