“Man playing at being God”, a spear against dangerous modern progressivism

Emmanuel Rincón's new book is a breath of fresh air and a necessary work for the Hispanic world since such direct and free criticism against the dominant woke political class is rarely read.

“Men should not pretend to be God, each member in society is an individual particle that deserves and must make their own path, the opposite is not only unnatural, but it is also destructive”, Emmanuel Rincón in “El hombre jugando a ser Dios”(Man pretending to be God).


At this moment, there are few more controversial and influential people in the Hispanic world than writer, lawyer and communicator Emmanuel Rincón.

The Venezuelan, who lives in Miami, has been growing exponentially on X (formerly Twitter) for years, becoming the target of praise and criticism from followers and detractors respectively.

Emmanuel does not hide his ideological positions. He admits, “my family endured Chavismo and socialism, that is why I am firmly opposed to these systems and their variants”, and in his most recent book, "El hombre jugando a ser Dios" (Man pretending to be God), he reminds us again of the dangers of collectivist regimes, but adds an extra layer that is very worthwhile: the clear intention of the new leftist man to play God.

Rincón writes about the modern progressive, weak and affable in appearance, completely removed from common sense, who defeated the classic leftist on his own ground, in more manly ways, removing him from the leading role in the mainstream media or in the fashionable current thought.

Following this path, dictators like Castro, or Marxist guerrillas, do not attract the attention of the large Western leftist media because now attention is paid to the modern leftist, the woke, who appears to defend democracy, equality or any minority that crosses their path, like Justin Trudeau.

The problem is simple: this modern leftist, according to the author, does not have good intentions and it is evident that they are carrying out a delusional crusade that seeks to manage all aspects of the common man's life.

Rincón explains that Western governments, under a democratic façade, have begun a worrying process of tyrannization where a series of obstacles are imposed on citizens to follow in society.

The author explains that the common man can no longer, in supposedly free countries, live without paying a very high economic tribute to the State when going to the supermarket, opening a business or even passing on an inheritance. Nor can he fully make decisions about his body. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, in most Western countries the common man could not choose whether or not to wear a mask because it was imposed without scientific reason by health bureaucrats. He could not even decide whether or not to receive the coronavirus vaccine, because the ruling class, mostly progressive, is so liberticidal that it wants, at any cost, to omnipresently dominate our lives.

It is no longer just on the sidelines, the progressive leader of the day seeks, without a doubt, to reach your children; and your family, through an increasingly radicalized education system in the name of being woke.

And what is woke? A way to make senselessness and madness the norm. That people deny their nature, their essence and the most basic facts such as their own self. It is an invasive ideology, like a virus, that relativizes every tangible concept to turn it into vagueness contrary to what is correct, what is decent and what is beautiful. That is why the modern progressive hates, according to the author, what is aesthetic, what is successful and, ultimately, what is logical.

This constant vagueness ultimately distances the common man not only from his reason but also from God —since what the progressive statist wants is, ultimately, to become a deity through the repressive apparatus he controls. It also causes the citizen to lack definitiveness regarding his motivations.

“In this new world, where mediocrity and relativism reign, there are no incentives to be efficient. To be or sell yourself as a victim, it is not talent or discipline that matters, but political, racial and gender quotas.  Thus, the planet and human thinking are being deconstructed until the moment comes when to construct a building will not require degrees in engineering and/or architecture, but rather sensitivity and some type of minority quota. Obviously, under this type of society, the only thing that can happen is that buildings collapse and people die, and that is precisely the future we are heading towards if we do not correct course," Rincón writes very accurately, because if we do not put a stop to the dangerous men who pretends to be God, in a short time abnormality will become common, in the best style of an Orwellian society.

The perfect example is how there are already men who, identifying themselves as women, register, participate and compete in women's sports.

“Man pretending to be God,” in addition to being a spear against dangerous modern progressivism, is a breath of fresh air and a necessary work for the Hispanic world since such direct and free criticism against the dominant political class is rarely read and its ways of distancing us from our essence.