Jordan Peterson launches his own 'anti-Davos' forum

The renowned psychologist announces that he is organizing a consortium opposed to the World Economic Forum's global "apocalyptic narrative."

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has competition. Dr. Jordan Peterson announced that he is organizing an international consortium whose goal is to present an alternative to the global "apocalyptic narrative" that is represented every year in Davos (Switzerland).

During an interview on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Dr. Peterson explained that his alternative, which will meet in London in October or November, will aim to get "energy and resources at the lowest possible cost, as rapidly as possible, to the largest number of people around the world; engaging in a pro-human view of earth stewardship; putting forward a vision on the family policy front to facilitate the encouragement of and the maintenance of long term, monogamous couples who are child-centered; and discovering our story, specifically as it relates to 'voluntary play' rather than 'the spirit of power' ruling." If his approach is successful, he will do it every year.

"Globalist utopian tyranny"

The reason Dr. Peterson is taking on this alternative to the WEF is because of the progressive doctrine that it is trying to impose on society:

I’ve been trying to understand the driving ideas underneath this globalist utopian tyranny that seems to be developing from the top-down, and I think it’s driven at least in part by this religious vision that I already described — you know, that you have to construe culture itself, especially industrial culture, as the tyrannical father raping and pillaging everything in its way, which is [an] unbelievably dangerous way to think — too one-sided.

He added:

I’ve already felt that I’ve been at war for the last six months, and I would say it’s war because what I observed happening in Europe when I was there last was that … it’s pretty damn clear that the globalist utopians are willing to sacrifice the poor for the sake of the planet, you know, and they’re doing that by cranking energy prices up through the roof, and that means that people die.

Earlier this year, the College of Psychologists of Canada threatened to withdraw his license if he continued to rail against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his leftist policies. Therefore, he was ordered to undergo a "coaching program" which is a course to "review, reflect on and ameliorate his professionalism in public statements."

Dr. Peterson responded to this injunction by taking legal action to keep his license without having to correct his conduct and to be able to continue expressing himself freely.