Hundreds of immigrants are living at O'Hare airport in Chicago

500 people are living in a space much smaller than a city block.

Hundreds of immigrants have been sleeping for several days in the bus station at O'Hare Airport in Chicago. According to local media, the situation has spiraled out of control because the city is struggling to find shelters for the illegal immigrants.

Fox News Chicago explained, "Like New York and other cities, Chicago has struggled to house asylum-seekers, slowly moving people out of temporary spaces and into shelters and, in the near future, tents. But Chicago's use of airports is unusual, having been rejected elsewhere, and highlights the city's haphazard response to the crisis. The practice also has raised concerns about safety and the treatment of people fleeing violence and poverty."

"Sickness spreads quickly"

Some of the people spent up to two weeks in the bus terminal until they were able to get to the police station and have a shelter assigned to them. The city is expected to initiate a protocol similar to New York's to put up tents to house illegal immigrants. "Up to 500 people have lived at O'Hare simultaneously in a space far smaller than a city block, shrouded by a curtain fastened shut with staples. Their movements are monitored by a private company whose staff control who enters and exits the curtain," explained Fox News Chicago.

Sickness spreads quickly. The staffing company provides limited first aid and calls ambulances. A volunteer team of doctors visited once over the summer and their supplies were decimated.

Since Joe Biden became president, the number of illegal immigrants entering the United States has skyrocketed. For example, according to official statistics, in 2022 Border Control had a record number of encounters with immigrants who tried to cross the southern border illegally.