House approves amendment to prevent the Biden administration from using the term ‘Latinx’

The proposal was introduced by Representative María Elvira Salazar and was supported by seven House Democrats.

Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar (R-Fla.) introduced a proposal Wednesday night to ban the use of the words "Latinx" and "Latin-x" in federal paperwork. The proposal, which is an amendment to one of the House GOP’s 12 annual appropriations bills, was approved and even won the support of seven House Democrats.

The result of the vote was 222 votes in favor and 198 against. The seven Democrats who supported the proposal were: Henry Cuellar (Texas), Yadira Caraveo (Colorado), Vicente González (Texas), Marie Gluesenkamp Pérez (Washington), Jared Golden (Maine), Matt Cartwright (Pennsylvania) and Mary Peltola (Alaska).

"The House just passed my amendment calling on president Biden to stop using the woke invention ‘Latinx’ on official documents," the representative said on her social networks after moving forward with the amendment.

"Hispanics are united by our beautiful Spanish language. By passing my amendment, Congress told Biden to show us some respect!" Salazar added.

After being approved in the House, the amendment will move to the Senate. The representative expects the proposal to be maintained in its original version.

Most Latinos do not use the term "Latinx"

The term "Latinx" is an attempt by the left to add gender ideology to the word "Latino," claiming "Latinx" includes different genders. However, the numbers show that most Latinos do not use that term and many of them have never even heard it before.

A Gallup poll, conducted among Hispanics, revealed that 57% do not care about the label, 23% prefer to be called "Hispanic" and 15% preferred "Latino," while only 4% said they prefer the term "Latinx."

Also, a survey conducted by Pew Research in 2020 found that 76% of Hispanics had not even heard of the term "Latinx," and that only 3% said they used the term.