Hamas has American weapons abandoned in Afghanistan; Israel fears they will get more from Ukraine

An Israeli official says terrorists have been found armed with American weapons and expressed fear that the arms sent to Zelensky would also reach his enemies' hands.

Israeli army officials claim that the weapons left behind by the Biden administration during the hasty and chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan have ended up in the hands of Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip. This adds to the $6 billion that Biden handed over to Iran in exchange for the release of five prisoners. Despite the denials of U.S. authorities, experts point out that these funds could be helping to finance terrorist groups allied with Iran. Furthermore, it is also being investigated whether some of the weapons that the U.S. sent to Ukraine have also ended up in terrorists' hands.

A 'very dangerous' situation for Israel

Fears that American weapons would end up in the hands of terrorists and/or American enemies began to materialize as early as June. Then, a Newsweek report indicated that Israeli operatives had detected American weapons from Afghanistan in the hands of Palestinian terrorists. This same report analyzed the concern that some of the weapons that the U.S. sent to Ukraine could end up in the wrong hands and become a danger to the U.S. and its allies.

The massacre of innocent Jewish civilians that started Israel's war against Hamas once again put the spotlight on these terrorists' weapons and how they came into their possession. An anonymous Israeli commander said that weapons from Afghanistan had already been found in the hands of Palestinian terrorists. According to the officer, they have so far only detected "small weapons." The U.S. Army left behind an arsenal valued in the billions of dollars, including some Black Hawk helicopters, planes and ground vehicles. The commander expressed his fear that more powerful weapons, like those that the Biden administration is sending to Ukraine, could also end up in enemy hands.

According to the same Israeli commander, the risk is very high, as the Russians have an interest in sending weapons to destabilize the Middle East, while the factions involved in the defense of Ukraine are interested in making money by smuggling these weapons. He stressed that the situation is "very dangerous" for his country.