Google reveals top trends among Hispanic audiences in 2022

Google reveals which terms Latinos have searched for the most during 2022. The top 3 is occupied by NATO, Ukraine and Bad Bunny's music.

Google has released the list of the most searched topics by Hispanics in 2022. The top 3 is occupied by searches focused on NATO, the World Cup in Qatar, which is taking place right now, and the music of Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny, the artist who has joined the list of the most popular entertainers in the country this year.

The list that the search engine prepares year after year does not refer to the most searched words or phrases, but focuses on those that according to Google are considered as "trending," that is, those that have grown the most during the last twelve months.

Undoubtedly, reports the company in a news item picked up by Infobae, the position for most trending topic is disputed by both NATO and the war between Ukraine and Russia. "What is NATO?" or "Where is Ukraine?" were some of the many searches conducted by Hispanics this year.

Soccer was also trending among Latin Americans in 2022, mainly the Qatar World Cup. Google answered questions related to the sporting event such as "How was Argentina today?", "Where is Qatar?", "Where to watch the World Cup?", "Who is playing in the World Cup today?" and "Who is playing in the World Cup tomorrow?"

Current affairs also rated high amongst Latin Americans who used Google to find out the latest news about the midterms and where they could vote, monkeypox and even the outcome of Mexican boxer Canelo's fights.

Music, entertainment and cooking among Google's highest rated Hispanic trends

In the musical area, the clear winner was Bad Bunny. The Puerto Rican artist was high among Hispanic searches in 2022. Of the top ten most Googled music tracks, five belonged to the rapper with Ojitos Lindos as the most searched song by Hispanics. The other five most searched songs were four regional Mexican songs and the well-known Mi Bebito Fiu Fiu by Tito Silva.

The musical collaboration between Shakira and Ozuna also generated curiosity among Latinos. "What is monotony?" or "Where is Shakira from?" were some questions that Hispanics tried to solve while also trying to find out something more about the Spanish singer Rosalia of whom, mainly, they sought her origin.

The small screen was also trending among Hispanic audiences. Topics such as who are Androide, Perezoso or Sapo in La máscara or "Who came out of the House of Celebrities?" became some of the television topics that grew the most in the last year.

Cooking also played a leading role among the Latinos and "birria," "Mexican dish," "pasta Alfredo," "shrimp cocktail" and "pan de elote," were some of the recipes they were seeking to prepare for friends and family.