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The world reacts to Keir Starmer's victory in UK election

The Labour Party won in a landslide victory on Thursday in the British legislative elections and regained power after 14 years.

Keir StarmerPA / Cordon Press

Labour has risen to power in the United Kingdom after 14 years. The party won in a landslide victory Thursday in the British general election. They took a projected 412 of the 650 seats in the House of Commons, according to the latest results Friday morning, pending the counting of eight constituencies.

For Labour leader Keir Starmer, this electoral triumph will open a period of change. After the results were known, different world leaders congratulated the British people on the elections and Starmer, who from today has officially been named the new prime minister, for his leadership in carrying forward the triumph at the polls.

European Council President Charles Michel said that this was a historic victory in the United Kingdom. He also said he looked forward to working hand in hand with Starmer's government, as he considered his country to be a crucial partner for the European Union.

"Congratulations [Keir Starmer] on a historic election victory in the UK. ... See you soon in the European Political Community meeting on 18 July in the UK where we will discuss common challenges, including stability, security, energy and migration," Michel posted on X.


In that vein, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said she looks forward to addressing issues such as European security with Starmer. "I look forward to working with you in a constructive partnership to address common challenges and strengthen European security," von der Leyen said.


Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese also congratulated the Labour leader on his "resounding election victory." In remarks picked up by AFP, Albanese described Starmer as a friend. He insisted that he looked forward to "working constructively" with the incoming British government.

Similar was the message from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who stressed that Ukraine and the U.K. would remain reliable allies.

"Ukraine and the United Kingdom have been and will continue to be reliable allies through thick and thin. We will continue to defend and advance our common values of life, freedom, and a rules-based international order," Zelensky wrote on social media.


French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron had his first conversation with Starmer and said he was pleased. "We will continue the work begun with the UK for our bilateral cooperation, for peace and security in Europe, for the climate and for AI," Macron stressed.


Israeli President Isaac Herzog not only congratulated the leader but also called on him to work together to achieve the release of the hostages kidnapped by Hamas terrorists.

"As he prepares to enter Downing Street as Prime Minister, I look forward to working together with him and his new government to bring our hostages home, to build a better future for the region, and to deepen the close friendship between Israel and the United Kingdom," Herzog said.


The ideological nods were not long in coming, as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau assured that the triumph is an opportunity to promote a "more progressive" future.

"Lots of work ahead to build a more progressive, fair future for people on both sides of the Atlantic. Let’s get to it, my friend," Trudeau said.


Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris emphasized that he looks forward to maintaining good relations with the new British government. "As a new Taoiseach I want to work closely with the new Prime Minister to bring about a major reset of Anglo Irish relations," Harris assured.


Within Starmer's own party, there were also reactions. The last Labour prime minister, Gordon Brown, used his party colleague's own words to sum up his thoughts: "Today we enter the sunlight of hope."

"My best wishes to all the new Labour MPs and, above all, I congratulate the British people who have chosen not just change, but hope," Brown said.


Donald Trump congratulates Nigel Farage on his 'big win'

While the world sent its congratulations to Keir Starmer for becoming the new British Prime Minister, Donald Trump chose to write a message in which he applauded the result obtained by Nigel Farage in the elections. With a message on Truth Social, the former president celebrated how the politician managed a "big WIN of a Parliament Seat Amid Reform UK Election Success."