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Javier Milei announces the dismissal of 50,000 public employees

The Argentine president explained that at least 25,000 contracts of the 75,000 that he plans to end during his term have already been terminated.

Javier Milei

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Argentine President Javier Milei reported that his government cut at least 25,000 jobs in the public sector. In addition, he pointed out that his goal is to terminate 75,000 public positions, implying that another 50,000 contracts will be ended in the coming months.

"My best-known phrase is 'Out! (Fuera)' and they are campaigning around the world with "Out!" It meant cutting the number of ministries in half. That was reducing the state in half. We are going to end up dismissing 75,000 people, and we already have 25,000," said Milei during his speech at the Latam Economic Forum 2024.

Likewise, the libertarian took the opportunity to remember the disaster left by the previous governments in Argentina, led by socialists Alberto Fernández and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

"What I am going to try to explain is what we inherited, what we did, where we are going and are going to go, despite the politics. And I am going to leave some preliminary ideas about the discussion of convergence, that is, about how Argentina can become a developed country. ... We inherited a disaster and we do not complain about it. We started working on solving Argentina's problems from day one. And that has avoided the disaster," Milei said.

'Never has so much been done in six months'

Likewise, he explained that although he had to make major adjustments to stabilize the Argentine economy, he also made efforts to help society face the consequences of the cuts. He celebrated that Argentines have understood the moment the country is experiencing and there have been no large demonstrations.

"We doubled the Universal Child Allowance (AUH), we doubled the Food Card, we increased school attendance, we multiplied assistance for children's supplies almost five times, and we gave financing to the middle class that goes to private schools ... with which we are seeing an enormous task carried out by Minister Sandra Pettovello, who has been so torpedoed in recent days. That is to say, we have just made a tremendous adjustment and we only have a claim on the social level to the poverty managers,” highlighted the Argentine president.

Minister Bullrich prepared the Security Protocol. The Ministry of Human Capital was cut and did not show returns. So, 3,000 people ended up going to the march, the complaints line exploded and today we have a lot of cases filed against these people who extorted the most vulnerable.

Milei highlighted that his management, for the moment, has focused on the economy. He hopes to soon make progress on other issues such as security.

"Never has as much been done in six months as what we are doing, nor in many longer periods of time. ... We are not only putting the economy in order, we are not only putting security issues in order, but we are also putting an end to corruption, and that is why the political world is on fire," he indicated.