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Tension with Pyongyang: US conducts first precision bomb exercise in 7 years over Korea

The military exercise aimed to demonstrate the security commitment of U.S. forces to South Korea.

Bombardero Rockwell B-1B Lancer


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South Korean authorities reported that the United States flew a long-range B-1B bomber over the Korean Peninsula on Wednesday. It is the first precision-guided bombing exercise performed with South Korea in seven years.

"Wednesday’s training involved other advanced U.S. and South Korean fighter jets as well as the B-1B aircraft, the second U.S. bomber temporarily deployed over the Korean Peninsula this year," explained the AP, which was the first to report on the exercises.

Likewise, the activity aimed to demonstrate the security commitment of the United States to South Korea. The South Korean Ministry of Defense highlighted that it also intends to strengthen the joint defense posture of both allied countries.

"During the training, the B-1B dropped Joint Direct Attack Munitions while being escorted by South Korean jets, the first such bombing drill for a U.S. bomber since 2017," the AP said.

The military exercises between the United States and South Korea come at a time of threat. Last week, it was learned that North Korea sent balloons with bags full of garbage, toilet paper and suspected animal feces towards the border areas of South Korea.

In addition, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff indicated that they had observed "unidentified objects, believed to be North Korean propaganda pamphlets" in the border area of the Gyeonggi and Gangwon provinces.

"Citizens should refrain from engaging in outdoor activities, coming into contact with unknown objects and reporting them to the nearest military base or the police," he said in a statement. The military command assured that Pyongyang's actions "clearly violate international law and seriously threaten the security of our people."