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The Argentine Justice system froze former President Alberto Fernández's assets: Here are the reasons

Javier Milei's predecessor is being investigated for violating public official duties, abusing authority and misappropriating public funds.

Alberto Fernández

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To avoid losing the custom of the former presidents of Argentina, Alberto Fernández was accused by the Justice system of violating the duties of a public official, abusing authority and embezzling public funds. In this context, Federal Judge Julián Ercolini ordered the general inhibition of the former president's assets.

Specifically, the complaint points to Fernández for allegedly directing the contracting of State insurance with an insurance producer who is the husband of his private secretary.

The inhibition also affects 32 other people, former officials, companies and cooperatives, including María Cantero (former secretary) and her husband, Héctor Martínez Sosa.

"Martínez Sosa is the husband of María Marta Cantero, secretary of Alberto Fernández, and there is a suspicion that this relationship could have determined his predominant role in insurance intermediation between state entities and Nación Seguros SA," wrote Judge Ercolini in his resolution.

According to the local newspaper La Nación, "Ercolini's suspicions about the existence of a criminal organization made up of the former president were fueled by decree 823 of 2021 that forced the State to contract with Nación Seguros during Alberto Carlos Pagliano's administration. Other insurers acted as co-insurers."

All those inhibited by Judge Ercolini

The resolution reached Alberto Fernández, Alberto Pagliano, Héctor Horacio Martínez Sosa, Guillermo Alonso, María Marta Cantero, TG Broker, Pablo Torres García, Guillermo Torres García, Bachellier, Alfredo Tórtora, Ricardo González, Castelo Mercuri SA, Oscar Castello, Ernesto Mercuri and San Ignacio SA.

The measure also affected Brian Kelly, Hernán Bressi, San Germán Seguros, Héctor Villaverde, Camilo Moreno Corotto, Marcela Baldini, Mauro Tanos, María Victoria Bisogni, Alfredo del Corro, María Lourdes Trupia, Carlos Alberto Suárez, Marcos Eufemio, Damián Grosso, Diego Rosendi and Lucas Rosendi, as well as the 7 de Mayo and Irigoin Limitada cooperatives.

The case against Alberto Fernández for government insurance

The former president was charged by prosecutor Ramiro González along with Martínez Sosa and Alberto Pagliano (former head of Nación Seguros).

Lawyer Silvina Martínez made the complaint and fell in Court 11, momentarily in charge of federal judge Ercolini.

According to the lawyer's complaint, "a business of 20,000 million pesos annually and 300 million in monthly commissions with insurance and intermediary commissions." The 20,000 million pesos is what Anses pays the Nation per year to insure the lives of retirees and pensioners to whom it gives loans: since 2011 it has been granting them without this insurance," adds Martínez.