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Argentina: Violence from left-wing protesters in Buenos Aires forces Milei to activate anti-protest protocol

Protesters destroyed and set fire to local buildings and threw stones at law enforcement.

Manifestaciones en Argentina. 10 de abril de 2024.


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This Wednesday, hundreds of Argentine protesters summoned by different leftist organizations such as Polo Obrero, the Free Movement of the South or the Socialist Workers' Movement (MST), the Popular Economy Workers Union (UTEP) and the Piquetera Unit took over several of the main roads in Buenos Aires in the morning - such as the 9 de Julio Avenue - to protest against what they define as a "critical situation in the country."

Javier Milei’s administration activated its anti-protest protocol and sent law enforcement to break up the protests, which became increasingly violent as the day progressed. Those gathered at the demonstrations responded violently to the police, who ended up arresting 11 people.

Protesters damaged nearby buildings and vehicles, blocked off roads, and threw stones and other objects at police officers.

An official told the media that protesters damaged his vehicle, which was parked nearby. They set it on fire and threw stones at it.

Milei's cabinet was quick to react. The Minister of National Security, Patricia Bullrich, posted several photos on social media that were taken both from the ground and the air. She captioned the post "law" and "order." Milei shared her post on his account.

Waldo Wolff, Minister of Security of the City of Buenos Aires, congratulated the police for containing the protesters and managing to break up the protests.

WE RELEASE ON JULY 9. In the city of Buenos Aires order prevails. Every time they try to block our roads, they will find us clearing them. The 11 detainees are already at the disposal of Justice, as are all the recordings of people vandalizing the city. I want to congratulate our police of the city of Buenos Aires for their actions. It is with order.

The protests ended at noon, when law enforcement managed to clear the streets where the protesters were located. The police ended up using water cannons to break up the protests.