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Hamas releases first U.S. hostage, four-year-old Abigail Edan

Joe Biden confirmed the news this Sunday.

Ambulancia de la Cruz

Red Cross ambulance with Hamas hostages released on the second day of the truce / Cordon Press

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President Biden confirmed Sunday that Hamas has released the first American hostage. She is Abigail Edan, a four-year-old girl who lost her parents in the massacre perpetrated by the terrorist group on October 7.

17 hostages kidnapped by Hamas were released this Sunday. This was first reported by the Red Cross to the Israeli Defense Forces, who detailed that 14 were Israeli citizens and three were foreigners.

The third day of the truce passed, for now, without the shocks of Saturday, when the terrorist group delayed the exchange alleging that Israel had failed to comply with its part of the deal. Despite initial uncertainty, the release of hostages has continued as anticipated.

Liberation of Americans

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan had previously said he had "reason to believe" that an American would be released this Sunday. Although he did not give further details, Sullivan explained during an interview with NBC News, that the agreement with Hamas included the release of women and children, and that three Americans - two women and a four-year-old girl - met that requirement. He specified, however, that until they are in the hands of the Israeli or American authorities there will be no certainty, and that they do not currently have proof of life.

There would be seven other American hostages, but how their situation evolves depends on the jihadist group: "The ball is in Hamas' court." Sullivan also said that as part of the agreement, it is hoped that the Red Cross will have information on the number of hostages by the end of the fourth day and that the truce could be extended.

The official's words come a day after a member of the Administration acknowledged that they were "disappointed "because no Americans were on the list of those released on Saturday.