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Eduardo Bolsonaro condemns Argentina's exorbitant inflation in a video

The Brazilian congressional candidate posts on social media how many bills are needed to pay at an Argentine restaurant.


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In the midst of the presidential campaign in Brazil, Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro, and aspiring congressman for Sao Paulo, uploaded a video on social media to condemn the extremely high inflation (66%) in Argentina. Bolsonaro accuses Alberto Fernandez's government of this milestone and warns that it will be what happens in his country if Lula da Silva wins.

In the tweet, Bolsonaro points out, "Argentines wanted and got a change in 2019 by electing leftists Alberto Fernandez as president and Cristina Kirchner as vice president. Today they suffer high inflation and currency devaluation. Lula is nothing more than the Brazilian version of Alberto Fernandez and Cristina Kirchner."

"Lula is the Brazilian version of Fernandez"

To illustrate his statement, Bolsonaro proceeds to pay his tab at an Argentine restaurant with cash. To do so, he can be seen counting each bill individually until he gets to the amount needed to cover the tab. The end result is a table full of bills.

Inflation in Argentina currently stands at 83%, compared to 7.17% in Brazil, according to the Trading Economics portal. Argentina's poor performance is only surpassed by Venezuela, which suffered a year-on-year price increase of 114%. By contrast, Brazil's numbers are better than those of the United States (8.2%), Germany (10%) or Italy (8.9%).