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Search efforts for missing continue after the collision of the Dali ship against Baltimore bridge

Six people are still unaccounted for. Divers returned to work in the area to try to locate them.

El buque mercante Dali colisionó contra un puente en Baltimore, provocando el derrumbe parcial de este.

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Authorities resumed the search for the six people who are missing after the collision of the container ship Dali against the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. The main hypothesis is that all of them, who were working on a construction site on the bridge, died in the accident.

The search efforts were stopped for a few hours due to cold temperatures (around 48 degrees Fahrenheit) and the tide, which made work difficult for the divers deployed in the area. Rescuers were also warned of the danger posed by several containers hanging from the hull of the boat.

"Spending the day continuing to help coordinate response this morning, especially with our dedicated dive teams and first responders who are continuing the recovery work," Baltimore Mayor Brandon M. Scott said via social media.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore, who ordered flags to fly at half-mast while the rescue efforts continued, praised the actions and efforts being made by the divers and the rest of the team in charge of locating the missing:

They are down there in darkness where they can literally see about a foot in front of them. They are trying to navigate mangled metal and they’re also in a place it is now presumed that people have lost their lives, so the work of these first responders, the work of these divers, I cannot stress enough how remarkable these individuals are.

The investigation continues

Meanwhile, the investigation continues. A team managed to access the boat and recovered the "black box," the data recorder of the ship, which will be decisive in clarifying the reason for the collision. In addition, the Coast Guard confirmed that 56 containers contain hazardous materials.

What was confirmed is that the boat suffered a general electrical failure, according to Clay Diamond, executive director of the American Pilots Association, in statements reported by CNN.