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The most progressive companies of 2023, according to New Tolerance Campaign

The NGO recalls the woke campaigns by different companies. However, it also recognizes those who defended their values ​​and freedom of expression.

Bud Light y Dylan Mulvaney.

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The nonprofit organization New Tolerance Campaign published a list highlighting the most progressive companies of 2023. They criteria this year included consumers’ reception during 2023.

"This year saw a tidal wave of consumers using their wallets and voices to push back against the woke mob, with staggering results. Americans looking for a New Year’s resolution should pledge to keep fighting back against the woke invasion of our country," the organization’s president, Gregory T. Angelo, said in the post.

Bud Light/Anheuser-Busch and Target top the list

The list, of 10 companies, is headed by Bud Light / Anheuser-Busch and Target. New Tolerance Campaign recalled the boycott campaigns that companies experienced due to their progressive policies. In the case of Bud Light, the boycotts caused sales to fall by 17%.

"For decades, Bud Light had bragging rights as America’s best-selling beer — until April, when an ill-advised marketing campaign with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney went viral for all the wrong reasons," New Tolerance Campaign said.

Retail giant Target hasn’t been shy about marketing to LGBTQ consumers during Pride Month in June, but this year, after word spread that the brand was pushing 'pride-themed' clothing for babies and kids, shoppers drew the line.

Bank of America went ‘full woke’

They also mention Bank of America and the Oscars. New Tolerance Campaign explained that "financial giant Bank of America went 'full woke' in 2023, instituting race-based home financing requirements and denying loans to gun manufacturers and the fossil fuel industry."

In addition, the report maintained that "The Academy Awards implemented onerous 'inclusion' standards for filmmakers and movie studios to abide by if they wish to be eligible for 'Best Picture' honors. The list is quite something to behold. Quotas that demand that “at least one of the lead actors must be from an underrepresented racial or ethnic group.' In addition, '30% of actors in secondary roles be from underrepresented groups such as LGBT+ and people with cognitive or physical disabilities,' and the plot must 'center around an underrepresented group.'"

'Community Hero Award'

The list is also completed by important organizations such as Amazon and the Dodgers baseball team that, according to New Tolerance Campaign, participated in campaigns to promote progressive ideals. In the case of the Dogders, he criticized their mockery of the Christian Church.

"The Los Angeles Dodgers stirred up controversy by inviting the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to receive the team’s 'Community Hero Award'. Fans seethed, noting the group was notorious for dressing like nuns in clown makeup and mocking Christianity in the name of 'charity.'"

The most tolerant company of the year, according to New Tolerance Campaign

Meanwhile, New Tolerance Campaign also highlighted the position of companies that did not promote progressive policies and that, on the contrary, continued to defend their values. Specifically, the organization highlighted Stanford Law School as a '2023 Champion of Tolerance'

When Judge Kyle Duncan spoke before a meeting of Stanford’s Federalist Society in March, he was met with the heckler’s veto. Unhinged students sabotaged the event, with the school’s associate dean for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) leading the charge. At a time when speech at universities is under assault like never before by “safe space” mobs, the response of Stanford Law Dean Jenny Martinez was bold. She published a 10-page public letter condemning the censorial throng and mandated free speech training for all Stanford Law students. In an age where “cancel culture” advocates number too many and defenders of viewpoint diversity too few, Dean Martinez stood out from the crowd with a courageous, principled, and forceful commitment to the Stanford Law’s stated values.