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Pennsylvania: Protests against trans bathrooms in high schools

Hundreds of students in the Perkiomen Valley district organized a student walkout this past Friday to protest their school board's policies.

Alumnos del distrito de Perkiomen Valley

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Students in the Perkiomen Valley, Pennsylvania, school district demonstrated Friday against the district board's trans bathroom policy that allows men to use the female bathroom and vice versa.

The student protest was organized after the District Board failed to approve with a majority Rule 720, which separates bathrooms on Perkiomen Valley campuses according to the sex of their users.

The demonstration was called by a group of students, with whom Fox News interviewed this week. Along with the help of their parents, who also oppose the trans bathroom policy of the school district, students managed to gather hundreds of students to demonstrate against the district's bathroom policy.

"Women's safety is very important and the students who demonstrated are to be commended. They have courage and are exercising their First Amendment rights. This is about protecting our children and our privacy and the boys and girls. It's simple biology," Stephanie Ott, mother of one of the students, told Fox News.

"There has to be some changes. It's just uncomfortable to see 19-year-old men or 18-year-old men in the bathroom," added Victoria Rudolph, a student in the district who organized the protest.

A traumatized student

The school district Board proposed rule 720 to vote to segregate bathrooms by sex after an episode that occurred at the institute and that demonstrated the vulnerability of adolescents and young women in these scenarios. Tim Jagger, father of a district student, posted a message on social media weeks earlier in which he explained an episode that left his daughter "very upset and emotionally disturbed." Jagger's daughter entered one of the female bathrooms when she ran into a male student.

Students in protest

This is not the first time that Perkiomen Valley students have organized a demonstration. In January 2022, according to WPVI-TV , students at the same center demonstrated against the use of masks in the district.

At that time, although the School Board voted five to four to eliminate the mask from everyday use in the district's centers, a group sued against the decision. After a federal judge ruled in favor of the lawsuit, the students took to the streets to protest against the ruling and the wearing of masks.