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Mike Johnson's loneliness: his communications manager joins his team's exodus

Raj Shah, who was deputy press secretary under Trump, confirmed that he will leave his position before the summer.

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El presidente de la Cámara Baja, el republicano Mike Johnson. (AFP)

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Mike Johnson's loneliness as speaker of the House of Representatives has been accentuated. Added to his confrontation with the toughest wing of his party within the chamber comes the departure of his communications chief, Raj Shah, who was Deputy Press Secretary under Donald Trump. Shah's goodbye adds to the list of senior workers on Johnson's team who have left their positions in recent times.

The departure, which according to Axios, was agreed from the beginning of when Johnson's six months in office were up, leaves the speaker without a vital figure in his relationship with the Trumpists. Shah's mediation was key in moves for the former president to publicly endorse Johnson on several occasions when his position was in jeopardy, especially with Marjorie Taylor Greene's motion to oust him.

Johnson, "a strong leader," according to Shah

Although he did not confirm the timing of his departure, the summer will not end at the Capitol. In a statement, he praised Johnson as a "strong leader" capable of "putting our nation and institution first."

It is an honor to serve Speaker Johnson, especially through such an historic time. He has shown tremendous leadership navigating the conference through difficult issues. Speaker Johnson has developed an authentic brand of a strong leader willing to make tough calls and place our nation and its institution first.

Johnson's Appreciation

For his part, Johnson thanked one of the most important men on his team for the work he has done, and whom he wished every success in his future projects:

Because of the unprecedented circumstances under which I became Speaker, I needed an experienced leader with talent and gravitas to build and drive our message. I am grateful Raj agreed to step up and serve. He has become a trusted advisor and built an incredible communications team. Raj has fulfilled his commitment to us and I wish him continued success.

Five more exits in Johnson's team

Shah's departure is not the only one of the House speaker's entourage. At least one other member of the communications team has left his position, according to Breitbart, Digital Department Head Anang Mittal resigned after receiving complaints about his work performance and unprofessional behavior, according to Notus.

Additionally, several of Kevin McCarthy's inherited workers announced their goodbyes at the end of this month, according to PunchBowl News. According to said media, Brittan Specht, Jason Yaworske and Preston Hill, veteran political advisors, will begin working for Michael Best Strategies in June.