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Antony Blinken assures that Ukraine will join NATO

The next summit of the military alliance will take place in July in Washington, D.C.

La Inteligencia de Estados Unidos teme que Rusia planee enviar un arma nuclear al espacio

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Antony Blinken assured that Ukraine will join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). From Brussels, months before the summit in Washington, D.C., in July, the Secretary of State reaffirmed that the member states solidly support the entry of the European country into the military alliance.

"Ukraine will become a member of NATO. Our purpose at the summit is to help build a bridge to that accession," Blinken declared Thursday before a group of journalists.

During the 2023 summit, members agreed that the European country could join when certain conditions were met, although clear objectives to reach the goal were not completed.

What is NATO?

The military and political alliance was formed on April 4, 1949, when the United States, Canada and a dozen European nations gathered in Washington to sign a mutual defense treaty against the Soviet threat. Moscow would later respond with an alliance of its own: the Warsaw Pact, dissolved shortly before the fall of the Soviet Union.

NATO recently celebrated 75 years, which Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg celebrated. "We must be doing something right," he said, noting that the member states have almost tripled from the beginning.

Perhaps its most crucial point is the famous Article 5, which establishes the principle of collective defense. In other words, if any NATO ally is attacked, they are all attacked. It currently has 32 members.

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