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Biden's approval rating nears historic low as concern over the economy and border soars

A Reuters/Ipsos poll indicates that only 38% approve of Biden's management.

El presidente de Estados Unidos, Joe Biden, habla detrás de una tarima durante una recepción de Hanukkah en la Sala Este de la Casa Blanca en Washington, el lunes 11 de diciembre de 2023.

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Joe Biden's approval rating once again approached its all-time low in January, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll. Only 38% of voters approve the work of the president's work, just 2% above the 36% he obtained in mid-2022, but below the 40% in December. Concern about the situation at the border and the economy are the two big problems that are affecting his management.

47% believe Biden is leading the country in the wrong direction

17% of those surveyed consider that the main problem facing the country is the avalanche of immigrants. This is a 6% increase compared to last month. In fact, it is the main concern of Republicans (36%), even ahead of the economy (29%). It is the main concern for Americans as a whole (22%), three points higher than last month.

Voters from both parties, however, agree that the majority (47%) believe that the country is heading in the wrong direction.