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Hunter Biden case: 70% of Americans believe the president acted "illegally or unethically"

The recent AP-NORC poll also revealed that 61% of adults disapprove of his work as president.

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A recent poll published this weekend by AP-NORC showed that 35% of American adults believe that President Joe Biden broke the law regarding his son Hunter's international business dealings. Another 30% believe that he did not break the law, but that he did act "unethically." Another 30% believe the president "has not done anything wrong."

Republicans are the most critical of the president's behavior. Sixty-five percent believe that he acted illegally while 31% describe his behavior as immoral. On the other hand, the majority of Democrats believe that he did not do anything wrong, compared to 32% of voters of the same party who believe he has done something unethical and 8% who believe he did something illegal.

Impeachment investigation: Ignorance and partisan division

Respondents were also asked about Biden's impeachment inquiry, which was announced by Kevin McCarthy when he was still speaker of the House of Representatives. A third of American adults (33%) approve of the House's impeachment inquiry. On the other hand, 39% are against and 26% are neither for nor against.

Among Republicans, 67% support the impeachment inquiry and 11% are against it. When it comes to Democrats, 73% are against it and 7% support it.

Forty-four percent of Americans know little to nothing about the process.


The AP-NORC poll brings more bad news for the president who hopes to be re-elected in the 2024 elections. 61% of adults disapprove of his work as president and 78% believe that the country is heading in the wrong direction.

Respondents were polled about four areas of management. The only category where Biden had a majority approval rating was for his management of the coronavirus pandemic, although by a narrow margin of 5%. The area where he performed worst was the federal budget (68% disapprove, 31% approve), followed closely by the economy (67% vs. 32%) and then by student debt (58% versus 41%).