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Tucker Carlson interviews former Capitol Police chief: "It's almost as if they wanted the Intelligence on January 6th to be watered down for some reason"

The veteran officer claimed federal agents infiltrated the protesters and questioned the role of then Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley.


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Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund sat down with Tucker Carlson again, this time in "Tucker On Twitter," not Fox. An interview between the two from when Carlson was at Fox was released after Carlson was let go from the network. In this never-before-seen footage, Sund talked about what happened on Jan. 6. Sund confirmed the story from the leaked Fox interview, where he claimed that "there was a fair amount of law enforcement in the crowd." Approximately 18 operatives were in the crowd from the FBI and 20 from the DHS.

On this occasion, the former police chief also explained that he found out about the undercover agents only after the events, when a journalist from a British media outlet called him to confirm the presence of internal operatives "with plain clothes to blend in." Sund claimed he did not know. Now he says there were feds and that as head of Capitol security he should have been notified.

Sund also commented on the role of General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Christopher Miller, then secretary of defense. Days before Jan. 6, both were "so worried about violence" that they discussed "locking down" Washington and revoking permits, although no one informed the former police chief, who was in charge of issuing the licenses.

News reports also revealed that Milley used an intelligence platform to monitor conversations that included "killing members of Congress" and "attacking the United States Capitol." As the officer in charge of Capitol security, Sund stated, again, that he should have been informed.

Despite the "violence" he anticipated, Miller issued a memo restricting the National Guard from using weapons and equipment that would have been used for riot control. "[It] just doesn't make any sense," Sund opined.

Asked why there was so much opacity, Sund responded:

I'm not really sure. I've done many national special security events, and this was handled differently. No intelligence ... no coordination. ... It's almost like they wanted the intelligence to be watered down for some reason.

Investigating the investigators

Because of what happened on Capitol Hill, Speaker Kevin McCarthy tasked Rep. Barry Loudermilk, chairman of the Administration Committee's Oversight Subcommittee, to review the documents analyzed by the January 6th Committee.

In statements to various media outlets, Loudermilk argued that the representatives behind the investigation manipulated and withheld information to blame then-President Donald Trump for the events of that day.

"all they did after spending $18.5 million was come out with a manifesto against [Trump]," he told the Daily Wire. "That was their narrative. Everything that they did appears to be to just come up with that narrative."

The Republican congressman also claimed that there was evidence that undercover agents were inciting protesters to storm the Capitol. He also accused the committee of withholding documents, which it is now asking to be handed over, and questioned why they had not released information on security breaches despite the fact that part of the group was tasked with studying security. As he stated in The Ingraham Angle:

We can not find any documentation regarding the Blue Team, which was tasked with investigating the security failure.