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Biden is already the worst-rated president in 40 years

Only Jimmy Carter's tenure at this point in his term was rated worse by voters.

Joe Biden camina hacia la Casa Blanca.

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Joe Biden has become the lowest-rated president in the last 40 years. According to FiveThirtyEight's analysis of major polls, citizens' perceptions of the current president at this point in his term are lower even than that of Donald Trump, whom he has so far slightly outperformed. Only had a worse approval rating in 1979.

Graph comparing Biden's rating with the rest of the US presidents.

On the 863rd day of his term, 41.5% of voters approved of Trump. At this very moment, Biden earned a favorable opinion from even fewer people, just 41.1% of Americans. These numbers were only exceeded by Jimmy Carter in 1979, who at that time had 10 points fewer of support (32.1%).

George H.W. Bush, the highest rated

On the other hand, George H.W. Bush received the highest approval rating of the last 40 years, at 75.1%. The next highest rated of this period was his son, George W. Bush, with 68.3%. Completing the podium of the last 40 years is Barack Obama, with the approval of just of half of voters (50.1%). However, looking at the entire historical record, second place would go to Dwight D. Eisenhower (68.3%) and third place to John F. Kennedy (64.1%).

After Carter, Biden and Trump, the dubious honor of being the next least approved president at this point in his term was Ronald Reagan. The former actor received just 45.8% approval from voters. In addition, two other former presidents failed to hit 50%: Bill Clinton (49.3%) and Richard Nixon (48.1%).

Biden, at his lowest moments

At this moment, Biden's popularity is at one of its all-time lows, according polls, and the public's distrust of his physical and mental state ahead of his bid to face reelection in 2024 is growing.