Biden criticized after visiting East Palestine one year late: 'A day late and a dollar short'

The president once again attacked Norfolk Southern and assured, without specifying how, that the administration will take care of the repairs that the company has left pending.

Joe Biden's visit to East Palestine, Ohio, a year after the derailment of a train carrying toxic cargo, was the target of criticism throughout the media. The citizens of the town, who are still suffering the consequences of the accident, and several politicians once again targeted the president for not visiting the are when the incident took place and for not providing sufficient economic relief. The visit was also viewed as an attempt by Biden to save face in the middle of his electoral campaign.

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose was especially critical of the president's visit. According to The Hill, LaRose, who is currently campaigning for the U.S. Senate, stressed that Biden should have come when the incident first happened. He said this was something that residents were disappointed with, and their opinion will not change due to this late visit: "The president needs to be there to help coordinate responses. ... When I was there in East Palestine just a few weeks ago, I was hearing from people that are still living with the ramifications of this."

LaRose claimed that Biden's visit was nothing more than an act of propaganda, which, in his opinion, was not even successful:

[Biden] was a day late and dollar short, it was well-known liberal, Woody Allen, that said 80 percent of success is showing up. So I guess on the Woody Allen grading scale, Biden gets an F.

Biden attacks Norfolk Southern again

During his visit, Biden again attacked the company that owned the train that derailed, Norfolk Southern, and assured that he will ensure that it takes care of the reconstruction and cleaning of the area. In addition, he promised, without specifying how, that the federal administration would be responsible for repairing what the company leaves undone.

Let me be clear: While there are acts of God, this was an act of greed that was 100 percent preventable. ... We continue to hold Norfolk Southern accountable and make sure they make your community whole now and in the future. And what they do not make whole, what they cannot make whole, what isn’t made — the government will make whole.  We have an obligation.  We have an obligation.