$750,000 is the price of a talk by Michelle Obama on diversity and inclusion

Sources close to the Bits & Pretzels business festival say that is the amount the former first lady pocketed for a one-hour conference.

Former first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, already earns more than her husband for speaking engagements. Sources close to the Bits & Pretzels Founder Festival, a business convention held annually in Munich, told the Daily Mail that Michelle Obama pocketed $750,000 for her participation in the convention.

For that amount, Obama will offer attendees a one-hour talk about diversity and inclusion. According to the organization, Obama is one of the speakers that congress attendees have been requesting every year. She will share the stage with other personalities such as Nathan Blecharczyk, founder of Airbnb, and the German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, Robert Habeck.

According to Daily Mail sources, Obama's payroll will be one of the highest paid by the festival for businessmen. It far exceeds Axios ' estimate of the cost of hiring her husband for a speaking engagement: $400,000.

Barack Obama already participated in a previous edition of Bits & Pretzels in Munich to give a talk about leadership. However, what he earned for his conference has not been revealed until now. The Obama couple has closed some very lucrative agreements and businesses since their departure from the White House. In addition to the several million the couple earns through their participation in talks and conferences, they have a publishing deal with Penguin Random House worth $65 million.

shadow candidate

In this campaign for the 2024 presidency, some voices have warned of the possibility of seeing Michelle Obama as the Democrats' real candidate for the White House. With Biden falling in the polls due to his age, economic management and immigration policy. Obama could be a convincing last-minute replacement for the electorate thanks to his high popularity. 98% of Americans know who she is, and she has a favorability rating of 61%.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz warned several times of this possible scenario. He assured that Michelle Obama's candidacy is the "most likely and most dangerous" scenario for the country. "This should scare the hell out of anyone who is unhappy with the direction this country is going and who doesn't want us to go even crazier in an even worse direction," the senator said.

The senator believed that the possible candidate would have the option of uniting democrat voters, who according to polls reject Biden en masse by more than 60% and would be forced to vote for him with the only incentive of not seeing Donald Trump return to the White House.