17 Texas counties now sign declarations of encroachment on the southern border

Judges and commissioners express support for Governor Greg Abbott and call for additional measures to stop the invasion.

A total of 17 Texas counties have signed declarations of encroachment on the southern border to date, The Center Square reported. The resolutions cite the "unprecedented levels of illegal immigration, human trafficking and drug smuggling" occurring in the area under the Biden Administration.

"Seven more counties were added this week to the ten that had already formally declared an invasion. Judges and commissioners from Atascosa, Chambers, Edwards, Ellis, Goliad, Hardin, Johnson, Kinney, Liberty, Live Oak, Orange, Parker, Presidio, Terrell, Tyler, Wilson and Wise express their support for Governor Greg Abbott to protect Texas’ sovereignty and secure the border, and call for additional measures to stop the invasion," The Center Square reported. 

The Johnson County resolution has been among the harshest against President Joe Biden. The Johnson County judge notes the record number of aliens who have entered the country illegally since Biden took office, is nearly 5 million, and "the unprecedented amount of human trafficking, fentanyl and other opioid smuggling entering the country across the border," The Center Square reported. 

Unprecedented migration crisis

Authorities have detained 28% more illegal migrants from January to July than in the same period last year. Many are placed on humanitarian parole or are scheduled to appear in immigration court.

Texas has come face-to-face with the Biden Administration over its actions on border management. Governor Abbott made the decision to send migrants on bus trips to Washington DC and New York to demonstrate what he sees as failed Democratic leadership on the border issue. Abbott has called New York City "the ideal destination for migrants, who can receive the abundance of services and housing that sanctuary city has." NYC Mayor Eric Adams and other officials have criticized Abbott for wanting to "politicize the situation."

Nearly 8,000 migrants have arrived at the sanctuary cities on bus trips paid for by the Lone Star state straining the resources and humanitarian services of both cities, which have been forced to seek assistance from the federal government because they cannot afford the expense.