Video: Palestinian terrorist confesses to raping woman on October 7

The Israeli Army released a video of an interrogation in which a member of Islamic Jihad also admitted to murdering civilians during the massacre in southern Israel.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released a shocking video of an interrogation of a Palestinian terrorist who participated in the October 7 massacre and confessed to raping an Israeli woman and killing civilians.

His stark account contradicts those who deny the atrocities committed during the horrendous attack carried out by Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist organizations.

The man in question, Manar Mahmoud Muhammad Qassim, 28, belonged to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group. He was captured in early March by the IDF in Khan Younis, Gaza Strip.

During the interrogation, Qassim described in detail and with impressive coldness all the atrocities he committed on October 7.

Qassim described how he crossed the fence and entered Israeli territory armed with a gun and two grenades, along with another terrorist who was shot in the head.

Then, he entered the closest house he could find. “At first there was no one. Then I entered a room, where there was a person who was very scared. She said to me, ‘Help me,’ and I threw her on the couch,” the terrorist said. He added: “She didn’t have very long hair, normal, and she was thin. She was wearing a blue skirt, a white shirt, and sandals.”

The agent pressed Qassim to provide more details about what he had done. “The devil took control of me. I put her to bed, I began to undress her, and I did what I did,” said the terrorist. “What did you do?” asked the Israeli. “I slept with her,” Qassim replied. “You didn’t sleep with her; what did you do?” the agent insisted. “I raped her,” the terrorist confessed.

Qassim said that the victim pushed him and that the attack lasted about two minutes “because two men forced their way in, and we heard screams. I don’t know if it was her mother or who.”

Qassim explained that the men who had entered the room were wearing uniforms of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, a terrorist group linked to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah movement. They, Qassim continued, “took the girl’s mother, brought her, and put her next to the girl, and they comforted each other.” Then, the terrorist added, both men took the young woman and her mother away, and he remained in the room.

The IDF has not yet revealed what happened to both women, so it is unknown whether they were kidnapped or killed.

The terrorist also explained how he murdered at least one Israeli. During his statement, he stated that after raping the woman, he wanted to return to Gaza, and he began to hear gunshots in neighboring houses. While heading to the Strip, he encountered Israelis and killed at least one of them. “I pulled out a gun, shot one and he fell to the ground. One hid and the other... Then I threw a grenade and left the area,” he said.

The Israeli agent asked if the people he shot were wearing military uniforms or civilian clothes, and the terrorist replied that they were civilians.

This interrogation is in addition to many other testimonies about the serious sexual violence carried out by Hamas terrorists against Israeli women to sow terror among the population of Israel.

Recently, Amit Sosna, an Israeli woman who was kidnapped in Gaza, revealed in an interview with the New York Times that the terrorist who was watching her sexually abused her.

Additionally, Pramila Patten, UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict, confirmed that there is evidence of sexual assaults that took place during the October 7 massacre and are believed to be still occurring.