The left's obsession with information control: Soros, behind a new fact-checker

George Soros will be one of the investors in the new Democrat-led fact-checker that spent $100 million on an anti-Trump campaign.

George Soros and other billionaires, such as Reid Hoffman, known for their eagerness to be the ones who determine what is the truth on social media and censor what bothers them, are involved in the launch of a new fact-checker which has been placed in the hands of a well-known former Democratic strategist, Tara McGowan.

The new company, called La Buena Información, was created to cut the proliferation and spread of fake news through fact-based information. However, it will not be limited to just this, as they have already announced their intention to invest in local media.

Factual information

McGowan's 'objectivity' is common knowledge. For example, as head of the ACRONYM company, a non-profit entity whose purpose was to help Democratic causes, she spent some $100 million on a campaign to discredit Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

However, La Buena Información has announced that it is interested in investing in media regardless of their ideology, as long as their editorial standards are rooted in fact-based information. Following along these lines, McGowan then pointed to The Bulwark, a center-right anti-Trump digital newspaper, as an example of a counter-thinking media outlet she would put money into.

No confirmation of initial investment, yes to investors

For the sake of transparency and to convey confidence, La Buena Información has made public the names of its investors. George Soros, Reid Hoffman, as well as Ken and Jen Duda or Incite.

The light is not projected, however, on the accounts. While Recode published that the goal is to get 65 million dollars, the company has refused to confirm these figures, nor has it offered others.

The advisory committee of the entity was also announced, which will be formed by the former White House communications director; Dan Pfeiffer, the founder of Civic Signal; the co-founder of Check My Ads, Nandini Jammi and the former editor of the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times, Mark Jacob amongst others.

The left and truth in the media

The birth of this company once again underscores the left's obsession with the control of information. A control that they often call "protecting democracy", -for example, Twitter announced that it will "protect" the November elections-.

It will be interesting to see how the new company will operate in the face of allegations such as those made regarding the alliance between Biden, Facebook and Twitter to remove annoying content...  Although, one would suppose that once content has been removed, it will no longer be necessary to verify it...