Progressive doctors want to silence those who question sex-changes for minors

Republican politicians denounce this tactic as a campaign "to force their radical agenda down our throats."

Three medical associations called on Attorney General Merrick Garland and Big Tech to take action and censor those who question sex-change operations on minors. Conservative medical organizations and members of the Republican Party lamented the initiative and warned about such organizations' potential ulterior motives "to shove their radical agenda down our throats."

In a letter sent Oct. 3, the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children's Hospital Association called on the attorney general to investigate those entities or individuals who are "coordinating, provoking and carrying out threats and violence against children's hospitals and physicians across the United States" who advocate for or practice "gender affirmation" treatments.

Threats increasing on Social Networks

According to these associations, "threats through social networks are on the rise," even going so far as to try to intimidate physicians "on their personal accounts." The intimidation tactics are also occurring via "harassing emails, phone calls and protests at health centers."

These doctors' efforts have not been limited to politics. As Just The News reports, these organizations have called on Big Tech to take action against this "intentional disinformation campaign" led by "a few high-profile social media users [who are] sharing false and misleading information."


Reactions to this letter have been far and wide. The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons criticized the "hypocrisy" of their colleagues in the medical field. The group denounced the AMA's defense of "radical gender surgeries on minors, while shamelessly attacking doctors who dare to help patients access early COVID treatment or unbiased information about COVID vaccines."

"Armed to attack his political enemies."

From politics, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz invited AMA affiliates to "RESIGN NOW" and "demand your dues be refunded." He further noted that the letter corroborates that Biden's "Justice Department is completely corrupt and weaponized to attack his political enemies."

"An absolutely disgusting attempt"

Rich McCormick, candidate for Congress from Georgia, spoke along the same lines. McCormick, a former war zone medic, denounced the "disgusting attempt" by a government stooge "to force their radical agenda down our throats."

Oklahoma blocks funding for gender transition for minors

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, a Republican, went a step further. Just one day after the missive was made public, Stitt signed a bill to block funding for "gender transition services for minors" at Children's Hospital of Oklahoma. In addition, he asked the state Congress to ban such "irreversible" procedures and therapies statewide.