Poll: Trump leads Biden by nine points in the presidential head-to-head for the first time

In the latest Washington Post and ABC poll, the president’s management of the economy and immigration have extremely low approval.

A new Washington Post and ABC poll projects Trump with a nine-point victory over Biden in the 2024 presidential elections. The results show how the management of the economy and migration are hurting Biden, who is failing to convince undecided voters and independents.

In the survey, Biden's overall approval rating hit a new low. Only 37% approve of the president, compared to 56% who disapprove. In regards to the economy, just 30% are in favor of Biden’s management, compared to 64% who are against. The president’s worst results regard immigration and the southern border, for which he obtained just 24% approval.

In the Democratic primaries, Biden is also down. Sixty-two percent of those surveyed said they prefer any other Democratic candidate over Biden, who only garners 33% support. In the 2024 presidential head-to-head, Trump is projected to receive 51% of the votes, compared to 42% for Biden, a nine-point margin.

Donald Trump's assessment as president is growing at the same rate as Biden's is falling. According to the survey, he had only 38% approval at the time he left the White House, but his current rating stands at 42%. This would have been his highest approval rating during his presidential term.

This is so far the largest lead that the Republican candidate has obtained in the electoral forecasts. The survey was carried out between Sept. 15 and 20 through physical questionnaires and by telephone. The sample was 1,006 adults, including Spanish speakers.