Pedophile show at a Carnival in Spain

A troupe from the Alicante town of Torrevieja parades with children dressed in garter belts, nipple shields and LGBT flags.

The hypersexualization of children by the Osadía troupe in the Torrevieja Carnival parade has unleashed a strong controversy due to the clearly pedophile content chosen by the organizers. The very name chosen for the performance abounds in provocation: "Prometer hasta meter" (promise until you commit)."

The organisers dressed the children in adult erotic clothing, such as garter belts and nipple shields among other items and had them parade swaying and with provocative gestures through the streets of the Alicante town. Among the audience, more children, even babies, watched the spectacle. In addition, the participants carried flags of the LGBT movement on their backs while several adults instructed them how to move.

The mayor, from a center-right party, delighted with the spectacle

The mayor of the town, Eduardo Dolon, of the Popular Party (PP), a center-right political formation, far from asking for explanations, applauded "all the award-winning troupes and the participants," as well as the work of the Festival Councilor, Rosario Martinez, "for the great work done to make our carnival shine and position itself as a national benchmark."