Laptops, iPhones and a folder related to Eric Adams: What the FBI took from the home of New York City mayor's main fundraiser

Brianna Suggs, a prominent Democratic consultant, is being investigated for corruption.

The FBI raided one of New York Mayor Eric Adams' important fundraisers on Thursday, causing a national uproar and likely disrupting Adams' meeting in Washington, DC with other U.S. mayors and federal leaders.

According to a report in The New York Times, Adams' prominent advisor is being investigated for corruption, and the FBI has taken several electronic equipment and evidence from her home to continue its investigations.

In total, the federal agency seized three iPhones, two laptops, as well as papers and other evidence.

One of the most controversial seized materials is a "manila folder labeled Eric Adams," the NYT reported, citing a search warrant leaked to the outlet.

The FBI also seized seven "contribution card binders" and other materials.

According to the Times, the FBI raid is part of an investigation into whether foreign money was funneled to Adams' mayoral campaign; however, Adams would not be directly investigated.

Adams spoke about the raid on his consultant's home, stating he is willing to collaborate with all the investigations.

"I hold my campaign to the highest ethical standards," Adams said. "Any inquiry that is done we're going to fully participate and make sure that it's done correctly."

"I have not been contacted by anyone from any law enforcement agency, and that's why I came back from the D.C., to be here, to be on the ground and look at this inquiry as it was made," he added.