Kevin McCarthy announces he will leave Congress at the end of the month

The former speaker of the House of Representatives will leave his seat, further reducing the slim Republican majority.

Former Speaker of the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) announced Wednesday that he will leave Congress at the end of this month, which will further reduce the GOP's slim majority in the House until a special election is called to fill his seat.

In a piece published in the Wall Street Journal titled "I'm Leaving the House but Not the Fight," McCarthy said he has decided to leave the House at the end of this year to "serve America in new ways."

I know my work is only getting started. I will continue to recruit our country’s best and brightest to run for elected office. The Republican Party is expanding every day, and I am committed to lending my experience to support the next generation of leaders. ... I never could have imagined the journey when I first threw my hat into the ring. I go knowing I left it all on the field—as always, with a smile on my face. And looking back, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

After his announcement, McCarthy posted a video on X, formerly Twitter, recalling his work as speaker of the House before he was ultimately removed following a series of internal disputes between his fellow Republican representatives.

In January, McCarthy became speaker of the House of Representatives after 15 rounds of voting. His 10-month term came to an end in October, when a group of Republicans led an effort to remove him from office in a historic vote, after cooperating with Democrats in a bipartisan negotiation to avoid a government shutdown.