Armed civilian prevents massacre in Indiana shootout

A gunman killed three people and left two wounded. He was shot by a man who was at the scene and was armed.

Three people were killed and two injured by a gunman in Indiana. An attacker stormed with a rifle into the Greenwood Mall spreading terror. The scope of this new tragedy could have been greater had it not been for a 22-year-old civilian who was armed and shot the assailant.

Jim Ison, local police chief, called the citizen who killed the shooter a "good Samaritan", and detailed that this person is cooperating "fully" with the authorities. He also explained that the suspect entered the mall with a long rifle and several magazines of ammunition and began shooting at people in the area where customers eat. There is a 12-year-old girl among the wounded victims. The identity of the gunman has not been disclosed.

After the vicious murder of 19 children and two adults by a man who barricaded himself in a classroom carrying a rifle at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, there was much debate about gun ownership. Congress passed new legislation last June with the purpose of controlling the carrying of weapons, allowing the delivery of resources for mental health and school safety; it was approved with votes in favor of the 50 Democratic senators and 15 Republicans; and that of 234 congressmen. The event in Indiana this Sunday demonstrates that the use of legal guns can prevent a tragedy of major proportions.

There have been 350 mass shootings this year, according to Gun Violence Archive.