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Venezuela restricts its airspace to Argentina in retaliation for the confiscation of a plane linked to Iran

The spokesman for the Government of Javier Milei, Manuel Adorni, maintained that they will take diplomatic actions. He noted that they will not allow themselves to be "extorted by friends of terrorism."

El presidente de Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, durante una reunión en el Palacio Presidencial de Miraflores en Caracas

Nicolás Maduro (Gabriela Oraá / AFP)

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The Nicolás Maduro regime reported that it closed its airspace to aircraft originating or destined for Argentina. The decision was made in retaliation for the seizure of a cargo plane linked to Iran that was eventually handed over to US authorities.

"Venezuela exercises full sovereignty in its airspace, and reiterates that no aircraft, coming from or heading to Argentina, will be able to fly over our territory, until our company is duly compensated for the damages caused," wrote the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yván Gil, on the social network

Likewise, Gil described the Government of Javier Milei as "neo-Nazi" for not giving in to return the plane to the Venezuelan authorities.

Meanwhile, Manuel Adorni, spokesman for the Presidency of Argentina, announced diplomatic actions in response to the decision of the Venezuelan dictatorship. "The Argentine Republic began diplomatic actions against the government of Venezuela, a government headed by the dictator Maduro, following its decision to prevent the use of airspace in that country by any Argentine aircraft," Adorni said in statements reported by AFP.

"Argentina is not going to allow itself to be extorted by friends of terrorism," Adorni added.

As AFP recalled, the United States completed - in February - the seizure of the Boeing 747 cargo belonging to Emtrasur, a subsidiary of the Venezuelan state airline Conviasa, sanctioned by the country. And the plane, confiscated by Argentina since June 2022, was sold to Venezuela by the also sanctioned Iranian airline Mahan Air.