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A car bomb explodes in Quito, Ecuador

Police have arrested six suspects, four Ecuadorians, a Colombian and one currently unidentified, following this latest episode of violence in the country.

Captura de pantalla de video de la Policía de Ecuador respondiendo a un coche bomba en Quito, Ecuador.

(Twitter: Policía Nacional de Ecuador)

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A car bomb has exploded in Quito, Ecuador's capital, on Wednesday night. There were no reported injuries.

Police found remains of a slow-wick device and two gas cylinders.

Two criminals on a motorcycle allegedly poured flammable liquid on the car, according to security forces. So far, the authorities have arrested six suspects.

All of the detainees — four of whom are Ecuadorians and one Colombian — have a history of extortion, robbery and murder, according to Gen. Pablo Ramirez. Three had been arrested and released just a fortnight earlier.

Ramirez asked the public to remain calm. He reported no injuries or damage to private property.

Unconfirmed reports claim that there were more explosions in the capital, some claiming that a second car bomb had been detonated.

The blasts are yet another episode in Ecuador's escalating violence. In early August, presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio was assassinated while holding a campaign event north of Quito. Days later, Pedro Briones, a leader of the Citizen Revolution party, was also shot dead.

Security concerns reached such a point that in April President Guillermo Lasso allowed civilians to own and carry firearms, in addition to declaring a state of emergency in several parts of the country.